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How to force IDA to load MFC DLL symbols while disassembling an EXE that uses such DLL?

I found that IDA may not load symbols for MFC DLLs while disassembling EXEs that load such DLLs. This makes the disassembling horrible if the DLL is linked just by ordinals, and IDA doesn't have a ...
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Is there an MFC Decompiler available?

I want to know if there is already an MFC Decompiler? So far, you have to decompile by hand - which is very tedious. I would like a tool like DeDe Decompiler. The C++ code itself is not important. It ...
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IDA Free vs IDA Home (to have Lumina)

I use actually IDA Free and I want to know what do you think of IDA Home (particulary for the Lumina function). I don't found in Google a tool to know for exemple the functions recognized by the ...
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Find out version of statically linked MFC from an exe

I have an exe with symbols stripped that I am trying to reverse engineer. I know the library is linked with MFC but I don't know which version. (Therefore, I can't use something like FLIRT signatures ...
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x64dbg & Ghidra change combobox properties app in Visual C++ MFC

Hello in the program code the property combobox is changed from enable to disable I would like to change that the program does not change this property. I have found commands that assign new items to ...
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which is harder to reverse engineer? [closed]

I'm planning on writing a windows application, used everywhere in my home country. I will code it in C++, but my question is which would you consider better to use? win32api Visual C++ MFC I'm ...
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mfc140 dll , what is the usage?

While I open exe file in ida I can see lot of calls to mfc140_6153 or mfc140_8718. What are those functions ? what they do ? thanks
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Understand DLL function signature from ordinal

I'm trying with ghidra to reverse a 32-bit proprietary application that uses mfc42.dll and I'm obtaining mixed results with respect to imported functions. To my surprise the DLLs don't use names to ...
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Find MFC class memory layout automatically in IDA?

Background I was using IDA to reverse engineer an DLL which uses MFC100. I was reading Reversing an MFC application: How to find class memory layouts? and
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Help me to understand disassembly MFC or Win32

I am trying to reverse engineer an application. I don't understand is this MFC framework. Should i learn MFC to understand the following code. or is it Win32 code developing. But how Win32 works with ...
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Help reversing code which uses ATL::CStringT

I'm attempting to learn reversing techniques using IDA on an exe built with VC/MFC, and could use a little initial help learning some patterns for simplifying the decompiled code. IDA found ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Finding code in MFC32 binary

I am trying to figure out where the code is that interacts with the Serial Port on an MFC Win32 binary - and am utterly out of ideas on how to find this code block. I have even tried, say, stopping ...
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Inserting Win32 controls into MFC application [closed]

I was wondering if there's a way to insert native win32 controls(button, static, etc.) into a MFC application during runtime. I was abled to embed my dll but everytime I create a new control via ...
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Reversing an MFC application: How to find class memory layouts?

I have an old computer game I want to reverse (Windows 95 "Hover!" to be exact), and I figured out that it uses the MFC. HexRays often decompiles pseudocode like this, which, for example, deals with ...
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