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Questions tagged [memory]

Part of the computer used to store data and code. Can refer to questions about, both, live memory investigation and ROM investigation.

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Is game hacking all about memory manipulation?

I wanted to know if game hacking is all about manipulating memory ? and If we need anything more than, this topics for game hacking ? memory manipulation Reverse engineering Windows internals C++ ...
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How to exclude "Process Monitor" from Themida's list of monitoring programs

Can Themida be made to whitelist a particular program of its list of "monitoring programs", whether through reversing or compile-flags? I want to exclude Sysinternals "Process Monitor&...
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How can I get a value from a memory address that changes almost every millisecond?

After a lot of time, I found an address in the memory that has the target value but there is something unusual in that address! that address changes every millisecond. ScreenShot: I did a hardware ...
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Change value of memory in a debugger?

So I got this app loaded in x64, there is a function, let's say "HeatGainedPerShot", which is basically the value which an object gains everytime it fires, Such a value would normally exist ...
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c++ reading process memory with injected DLL

The reading works fine until it reaches base+27.058.176(bytes) address. At this address VirtualProtect() failes with error 487 (Attempt to access invalid address). Why does it return this error? Btw ...
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Hooking flash player dll

Lately I came to game-bot for browser flash-game which gets data from flashplayer dll. The main point of doing this was to get decrypted data(JSON) sent from game server to client through TCP. Do ...
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Means of generating file hashes

I'm working with a relatively well secured program. In addition to memory validation checks during run time, the actual file integrity is checked at start. Both checks are synced with the server and I'...
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Getting "Access violation executing location" error

I am trying to execute this assembly function. But after calling Test_init function, I am getting "Access violation executing location" error at line "add esp,4". sub_402110 proc near ; ...
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