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A Magic Number is a constant set of bits used to identify a file format or protocol.

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Automatically detecting and carving images from .doc, .docx and spreadsheets

I'm looking for a tool that can extract detect and extract any image format from word documents in both .doc and .docx formats for an automatic document classification use case. It is nice to just ...
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ida decompiler output

double __cdecl sub_401660(float a1) { double v1; // st7@1 float v2; // ST00_4@1 float v4; // [sp+8h] [bp+4h]@1 float v5; // [sp+8h] [bp+4h]@1 v1 = a1; LODWORD(v2) = 0x5F3759DF - (SLODWORD(...
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Non standard LZ77 compression header

I'm working on reversing the SJ4000 camera firmware but I found a problem unpacking it. This is the header I found on the image: 00000000 42 43 4c 31 81 66 00 09 00 54 68 e0 00 2f 2b bf |BCL1.f......
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Where could one find a collection of mid-file binary signatures?

While reading an answer to another question, it was mentioned that "78 9C" was a well-known pattern for Zlib compressed data. Intrigued, I decided to search up the signature on the file signature ...
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