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Lua is a lightweight, embeddable, multi-paradigm, dynamically-typed programming languague.

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How to decrypt cocos2d luac type?

I am new with IDA and cocos2d. Since I have learned how to decrypt cocos2d Lua file, I found xxtea tool with Sign and Key and how to find Sign header in some game in Lua file. But that method does not ...
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How to find passphrase for Lua maked in cocos game?

I tried to decompile and find main.lua in file (link below) with IDA Pro but it wasn't helpful, because every lua file has it own signature and there is no key near string main.lua. I also tried to ...
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I need help to read this code of a .lua file

i want to read the next code, is library of commands in a .lua for a program called xenobot the code is rly big
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Find decryption key of coco2d lua

I am trying to find the encryption key for a lua file from a .so file But I am new in this field. I visit websites and found that key is inside xxteaDecrypt function I found two xxteaDecrypt function. ...
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A way to detect a anti-cheating system

I have created a DLL for DLL inject injection to add a force feedback to a GOG game. The DLL Work perfectly. I have tried to see how work the Debug in CE with this script: debugProcess() -- Attach ...
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How to decompile these LUAs from the Bookworm Adventures games?

I'm trying to decompile the LUCs (customly extensioned LUAs) from both of the games but they won't decompile, they aren't encrypted and use LUA version 5.0.2 (32-bit) according to the game's code. ...
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How to decompress file encrypt lua

I recently decrypted a mobile game, after decrypting xxtea and luajit I got strange encryption file, it was an extra layer of encryption before finding the original .lua file content. I'm very ...
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Need SOME help decrypt xxtea encrypted Lua file from cocos2D game LIBRARY

iam trying from a while to figure out the key this cocos2dx game but couldn't figure it out if someone could abit help with the way to find these keys you check the the file from here https://github....
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Lua script decode method?

I have a game plugin that enables the lua script encryption.I tried to decode it but it seems used many useless encode method to let you cannot understand it.It seem like some enctypted lua script ...
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Finding lua addresses with ida

I tried to find lua_pcall, lua_newthread, luaL_loadbuffer, lua_tolstring, lua_pushcclosure and lua_pushinteger functions with IDA decompiler but I didn't find them. Can someone please tell me what is ...
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