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LLVM is a compiler infrastructure, consisting of a collection of reusable, extendable compiler technologies.

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Calling Swift 4 methods from C

I have earlier been able to call Swift methods using a function pointer from C, and providing the appropriate arguments because the calling convention was the same. Unfortunately this no longer works....
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Is there an existing method to lift ARMv7 [iPhone] binaries to LLVM IR?

I am trying to do some blackbox analysis on a iOS ARMv7 binary. It would be interesting to apply the LLVM analysis tools to such a binary, but I don't have source code. Is there a an existing lifter ...
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Recompiling/optimizing redundant code to make analysis easier

I'm analyzing an application created with Borland Delphi but the poor quality of the object code makes analysis difficult and tedious. The code is so convoluted and inflated with superfluous ...
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What is the state of art in LLVM IR decompilation?

LLVM IR is a fairly high-level, typed bitcode which can be directly executed by LLVM and compiled to JIT on the fly. It would not surprise me if a new executable format or programming language was ...
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