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Questions tagged [libraries]

Libraries are special computer programs made as a collection of functions which are meant to be called as external resources by multiple programs.

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Ghidra not loading classes and types of external library

I'm analyzing a mac OS framework, and while redefining types in the decompilation view, I wish to define one of the types as a type defined as NSData class which is defined inside CoureFoundation ...
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Why rundll32.exe could be loading a DLL multiple times?

Since I started reverse engineering I've found multiple DLLs that when being debugged(IDA + WindDBG) would be unloaded and reloaded continuously without any evident reason. Most of the time I use ...
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Instruction-level hooking library for win32?

I am looking for instruction-level hooking library for win32 x86/x64. I want to write hook insertion and hook implementation code in C/C++ (compiled into dll). (Therefore instrumentation tools are ...
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IDA shows MEMORY or unknown references on C std library calls (memset, memcpy, etc.)

I'm currently reversing a Linux 32-bit executable (with a statically linked library included in it) but I'm having a little problem I can't find a solution for. Basically whenever I stumble across a ...
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How to find implementation of native method in the library .so (Android)

I need to make reverse engineering of one android app. In this app I found class with name Im2MessageNative, this class contains a lot of native methods. For example: static native long ...
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Calling functions of a shared object (.so) extracted from an APK

Decompiling a regular Android application I noticed that its code uses some native functions. So, unpacking the (.apk) file I found the usual "lib" folder and under that a series of folders for ...
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IDA Pro how debug constant function returning different results?

The code below is executed with the parameters (0, 4, 0) , the first 0 being an int pointer casted to an int, and these are the same every time. After execution, a 3 digit number string is returned/...
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Android shared Library (.so)

I quite quite new to reverse engineering in General and there are a couple of things I'm unsure of. The app I am reverse engineering uses a couple of android libs in order to sign requests. So far I'...
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