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Questions tagged [libraries]

Libraries are special computer programs made as a collection of functions which are meant to be called as external resources by multiple programs.

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Ghidra not loading classes and types of external library

I'm analyzing a mac OS framework, and while redefining types in the decompilation view, I wish to define one of the types as a type defined as NSData class which is defined inside CoureFoundation ...
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How to find what are all the third party apps used in an android app manually by decompiling an apk

How to find all the Third Party Libraries (TPLs) used in an android app after de-compiling apk using jadx? I have looked at this answer but this is too vague. I can use tools such as Libradar etc. but ...
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What factors affect the base address of a shared object?

I'm looking at a CVE for an old thrift shop router that amounts to a stack based buffer overflow with no NULL characters allowed. I can control the instruction pointer register as well as a few less ...
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Why rundll32.exe could be loading a DLL multiple times?

Since I started reverse engineering I've found multiple DLLs that when being debugged(IDA + WindDBG) would be unloaded and reloaded continuously without any evident reason. Most of the time I use ...
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Instruction-level hooking library for win32?

I am looking for instruction-level hooking library for win32 x86/x64. I want to write hook insertion and hook implementation code in C/C++ (compiled into dll). (Therefore instrumentation tools are ...
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IDA shows MEMORY or unknown references on C std library calls (memset, memcpy, etc.)

I'm currently reversing a Linux 32-bit executable (with a statically linked library included in it) but I'm having a little problem I can't find a solution for. Basically whenever I stumble across a ...
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How to find implementation of native method in the library .so (Android)

I need to make reverse engineering of one android app. In this app I found class with name Im2MessageNative, this class contains a lot of native methods. For example: static native long ...
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Calling functions of a shared object (.so) extracted from an APK

Decompiling a regular Android application I noticed that its code uses some native functions. So, unpacking the (.apk) file I found the usual "lib" folder and under that a series of folders for ...
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IDA Pro how debug constant function returning different results?

The code below is executed with the parameters (0, 4, 0) , the first 0 being an int pointer casted to an int, and these are the same every time. After execution, a 3 digit number string is returned/...
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Android shared Library (.so)

I quite quite new to reverse engineering in General and there are a couple of things I'm unsure of. The app I am reverse engineering uses a couple of android libs in order to sign requests. So far I'...
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Improving the output of pseudocode C++ code from IDA Pro

I have some specific questions and some general ones about reverse-engineering a dynamic shared library via IDA Pro 8.3: If I know the compiler used and compiler flags used (via readelf --debug-dump),...
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Ghidra - Mach-O failed to load external libraries

I'm trying to follow the steps in the book "The Art of Mac Malware" and disassemble the malicious part (the patch binary) of the EvilQuest malware with Ghidra instead of Hopper or IDA. (...
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