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JTAG, short for Joint Test Action Group, is a method used for boundary scanning. Possibly applications are hardware testing/debugging and firmware flashing, including debricking of hardware which ended up in a defunct state.

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How do I identify and use JTAG?

I'm a software guy through and through. But periodically when I'm taking apart hardware I know to look for JTAG ports and RS232 ports. So far I've always been lucky and have been able to solder on ...
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Flash Reading by JTAG

I'm trying to read the flash memory of a microcontroller MPC5606B from Motorola. I saw his pins and saw that it uses jtag to perform debug, so I'm trying to use it JTAG interface to read its flash ...
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How do I extract the firmware from this bluetooth speaker board?

I have a bluetooth speaker. Infinity Fuze 100. It's a good speaker. But it has annoying messages on startup and shutdown. And for other interface events. I'd like to either get rid of them entirely, ...
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