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Java is an object-oriented language and runtime environment (JRE). Java programs are platform independent, because they are compiled to bytecode and their execution is handled by a Virtual Machine called the Java VM or JVM.

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Dynamic java instrumentation?

This is not strictly 'reverse engineering', it's mostly related to dynamic instrumentation. So, in the same fashion as strace which allows you to see syscalls made by a process, or ftrace to see ...
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What is a good Java decompiler and deobfuscator?

I am using JD-GUI to decompile Java JAR files, but the problem is that it leaves many errors, such as duplicate variables which I have to fix myself and check to see if the program still works (if I ...
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How do you deobfuscate Java classes? [closed]

What tools or methodology do you use to de-obfuscate Java classes? I know you can theoretically decompile, modify and recompile, but that's only you fully trust a Java decompiler (and none is ...
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Find out a Java class file's compiler version

I have a java class file. How do I find out the version of the compiler used to compile this file? I'm on Ubuntu Server 12.04.
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Decompiling Android application

The Android java code is compiled into Dalvik byte code, which is quite readable. I wonder, is it possible in theory and in practice to write a decompilation software for Dalvik byte code?
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Checking if an .exe is actually a .jar wrapped in an .exe

Let's say I have a .jar file and wrap it into a .exe using any number of free utilities out there, like JSmooth. Would it be possible to tell, given just the .exe, if it was generated using one such ...
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