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Java is an object-oriented language and runtime environment (JRE). Java programs are platform independent, because they are compiled to bytecode and their execution is handled by a Virtual Machine called the Java VM or JVM.

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What is a good Java decompiler and deobfuscator?

I am using JD-GUI to decompile Java JAR files, but the problem is that it leaves many errors, such as duplicate variables which I have to fix myself and check to see if the program still works (if I ...
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Dynamic java instrumentation?

This is not strictly 'reverse engineering', it's mostly related to dynamic instrumentation. So, in the same fashion as strace which allows you to see syscalls made by a process, or ftrace to see ...
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How exploit writers find bugs in Java Machine?

My question is about Java exploits, for example this one: (exploit avaiable here The victimn should visit the ...
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Any good deobfuscators for java?

So I've built an obfuscator for java source code, would anyone know if there is any good deobfuscators which i could test how well my obfuscator is? I know there are many deobfuscators out there, ...
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what do these assembly code doing?

I tried to reverse engineer an apk app, and it was loading a native code. I have observed that the app was using the native code like this public static String v = sUQWWyTBEs().toString().substring(32,...
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How to edit .asec file? [closed]

How to edit .asec or compare two .asec files witch are stored by app at location mnt/.android_souce/app name.asec. This file get updated whenever data connection is on / while using app to upload and ...
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Checking if an .exe is actually a .jar wrapped in an .exe

Let's say I have a .jar file and wrap it into a .exe using any number of free utilities out there, like JSmooth. Would it be possible to tell, given just the .exe, if it was generated using one such ...
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GUI for transforming Java Bytecode based on decompiled source?

Okay. So I've just come up with the most amazing program for java developers and reverse-engineerers and I was wondering if something like the following program already exists: What I'm thinking of ...
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How to Launch and debug Ghidra from Eclipse with two Modules I'm developing at the same time?

Ghidra comes with its own Eclipse extensions that allows you to develop new Scripts and Modules for Ghidra. I'm working on several new Modules for Ghidra that will work together. But I've basically ...
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Reversing video protocol for chinese drone so i can view the stream outside of the app

I am trying to view the video stream of the vento protocol air drone on my computer. The final goal is to get the video stream into python or c++ for opencv; however, if i can just view it in a ...
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