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The operating system by apple for mobile devices

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What are the possibilities for reverse engineering an IPA file to its source?

I browsed a lot, but can't find any resources for reverse engineering an IPA file (iPhone application). Is there any method to reverse engineer an IPA file to its source? I've tried to rename it to ...
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How can a video file cause an iOS device to crash or hang?

There have been reports of a malformed h264 video file causing iOS devices to hang or crash (I've added the link in plaintext to avoid accidental clickthroughs, play at your own risk: http://www....
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Decompiling iPhone App

I've been searching this site and more, but I haven't had much luck. I want to decompile an app to see how part of it works, and I've tried multiple programs. I've tried Hopper, IDA, and some other ...
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Attempting to reverse engineer an iOS OTA payload-like archival format

Apple's announcement of macOS Big Sur had meant the release of the developer beta. In an attempt to create the appbundle from Apple's softwarecatalog, I attempted to study the contents of ...
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Convert Mach-O VM Address To File Offset

this maybe total no brainer but i'm really new to this and i'd really appreciate some help! Basically i'm trying to patch(out aka nop) a obj-c function inside an iOS Application. I've successfully ...
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Reverse engineering from binary or ipa [closed]

I lost the code of an app I wrote some years ago...the game structure was pretty cool and would be good to have it back... So can I reverse a binary into...something? I mean at least class tree... I'...
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