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Is there a technique that would allow me to make an OPEN SOURCE driver legally in Europe

The driver provided by the phone manufacturer doesn't expose both of my front cameras to third party apps and doesn't allow any third party app to record 4K video, so I think that interoperability is ...
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COM interface call from managed code

I have managed assembly that calls COM interface methods. I am interested in IManager interface, here is the code from NET Reflector: namespace Lib { [ComImport, CompilerGenerated, CoClass(...
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IDA Pro .til files backward compatibility

I read in the IDA Pro Book that you may use till.exe to parse header files and create standalone .til files which can be made globally available by copying them into <IDADIR>/til. This ...'s user avatar
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Need to recover C++ code from binary of server and client

We have an old 2D space shooter multiplayer game community form late 1990s. The game is still alive today but the problem is the creators of the game are no where to be found and the source code is ...
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Reversing DDRAW application

I have an old game that I am wanting to increase the resolution on. The problem is that the game is ancient and was written using DDRAW and GDI .A few things are weird with this application, First ...
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analysing IP camera's UDP packages

I have an industrial IP camera and I want to read its images with a micro-controller, but the camera is only operable from a computer running its drivers/firmware. I used WireShark to access the UDP ...
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API for LockState Wireless Internet Thermostat

I want to develop a web-based API in Rails for some LockState wifi programmable thermostats, so that other different application can control these thermostats. But I'm cannot find any resource about ...
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