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An integrated circuit (also referred to as an IC, a chip, or a microchip) is a set of electronic circuits on one small plate of semiconductor material, normally silicon.

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Unable to identify chip

Unable to identify below chip (should be touch controller) this is on a wifi 4 channel switch - overall PCB as below Any help in identifying chip appreciated, need to unload custom firmware to the ...
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unknown chip on pcb

Can someone help me identify this chip? The first row is 1647HC. Second row 4069UBF. Tird DB1354. I can't identify the manufacturer logo. I'm new at this.
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Identify microcontroller (24CC MQRV819.1 1739 on P6901 V2.6 board)

I was trying to identify the following integrated circuit (marked with the codes 24CC MQRV819.1 1739). It is mounted on the P6901 V2.6 board of a fingerprint presence recorder. Given the function of ...
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Bypassing motion control on LED light PCB

I am a super noob at any type of reverse engineering and electrical in general but I think I can do this. I bought these lights Artika Cabinet Lights Model# UCLT and found that the motion/light sensor ...
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Chip Identification in Push Button Toy

I have a toy that simply consists of a button which plays a variety of phrases when activated. My intention is to replace the sounds with my own. However, I have been unable to identify the chip and ...
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Trying to identify this chip

Tried all kinds of searches (including by marking), no result. Can't even identify the manufacturer logo (PI-like symbol).
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Subaru Eyesight Images and collision avoidance systems

I'm new to hardware hacking and I'm not to sure where to go with what I'm doing, any advice or feedback is greatly appreciated. I've been working on a project with the hope of downloading images that ...
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Trying to identify Renesas custom SoC through CPU die inspection

Was wondering if someone could help me identify which series a Renesas Custom SoC belongs to within the super-H family by looking at optical images of the die circuitry layout of the device, and by ...
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Help to identify unknown IC from Microchip

I am asking here hoping that someone may have experience identifying these kind of old chips. Googling the reference just shows some forums with people in same situation as me. IC reference: 25072478 ...
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Identify a 320V DC Brushless IC Power MOSFET(?) Driver

I need some help identifying this IC. It comes from a bladeless fan. It is presumably a 230V Power MOSFET(?) element connected to the FCM8201 Three-Phase Sine-Wave BLDC Motor Controller. The thick ...
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How to hide / obfuscate the function of an IC?

Let's say I have an IC (integrated circuit) and I want to hide it's function. What would be best practice to do that? Removing the markings with sandpaper or acid? (E.g. atmega328, ATtiny85,... ) ...
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Analog Devices chip identification Y 4 A

I've been trying to identify this little fellow: The symbol indicates Analog devices. But the Cryptic "Y 4 A" is giving me a headache. Ive searched throughout the internet for the labelling norms of ...
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Thought I found serial port - broke embedded device instead! Help?

Well another weekend has gone by and my tinkering has caused another device to (potentially) bite the dust. I've been playing around with a couple of Slingboxes, an M1 and a 500. Today was the M1. I ...
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Reverse engineering modern Intel CPUs

Are there open source projects that completely restore the inner circuitry of modern Intel CPUs? Is it simply possible, or are circuits closed and/or protected by proprietary technology?
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Any Home Made Alternatives to X-Ray ICs?

I am on the hunt for several ICs by searching for the markings on them. But sometimes the markings are just too vague and I cannot really guarantee that the IC I found is the IC I am looking for. I ...
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Physically auditing the layout of transistors inside a processor made at 22mm process die

What is necessary to check that the layout of all the 35000 transistors on a given physical processor was not tampered with, assuming the normal layout and its dispositions on the die are extensively ...
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Exposing the connectors in a package on package

To analyze the communication protocol between two chips running unknown firmware, we eavesdrop into the communication bus between the chips. In the ideal case, this is “just” a matter of matching ...
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How should I go about investigating an IC's functionality without destroying it?

I found a 14 pin integrated circuit with no visible markings. I have no information about its functioning. How should I go about trying to explore its functionality without destroying it ? I have a ...
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What kind of information can i get from reverse engineering an integrated circuit package

I've seen numerous examples of people essentially dissolving away the resin from integrated circuits in boiling high strength acid in order to expose the raw silicon chip underneath. My general ...
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