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How to correctly inject a [jump + address] instruction into another process (code injection)?

I am trying to inject a jump instruction into another process (External injection), although the injection operation has been completed the address was not correct. For example: unsigned int addr = ...
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When I start up a remote thread in an application, why does it always crash when it tries to access data in the thread structure?

I'm on OS X 10.10 64 bit (x86_64) and created a chunk of memory called code with vm_allocate. I allocate a chunk of memory for a stack. I load a library to memory and determine an entry point to ...
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Automating a custom QGraphicsObject control in an external QT based process

I have injected a DLL into an external application that is based on the QT framework. I, then, use the method QApplication::allWidgets() and iterate through the list of widgets to find a QGraphicsView ...
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Find an address of injected code via GetModuleHandleA

I am reversing really old game (20 years old). l2.exe loads Dsetup.dll Network.dll. (not sure about order) inside of the Dsetup.dll i found and injection (kind of protection) into module Network.dll. ...
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POC for appleScript injection method

I am trying to make a POC of code injection using applescript injection technic which is used in GitHub project EasySIMBL. The method also described here. (It's basically a huge article, just search ...
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Possible to inject a new menu into a program's menu bar?

Is it be possible to inject a new menu/menu item into a program's menu bar? As an example, in Notepad's (Windows) "Help" menu, would it be possible to add a new entry to that menu like "Open ...
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Tools to support Android native code hacking?

I am learning android reverse engineering, and want to know tools to hack native code. gdb to remotely debug the code, but I find it can not ever hit a breakpoint. arminject is a choice, it works on ...
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Why does calling the original function from my hook fail?

I am trying to retrieve text from another program. I used Ollydbg to find the address for the function I need to hook to get the info. I used EasyHook to inject the code below. The hook works fine ...
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Injecting exe file into process fails on windows 7 but works on windows 10 / Execution library function fails, access denied

I'm trying to inject my executable payload into remote process. I allocated memory in remote process, I converted raw payload using RVA addressing. I applied relocations and imports table. When I'm ...
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PowerPC Macintosh code injection

I'm reverse engineering a game for the old PowerPC MacOS 9 pc via the static analysis in IDA Pro windows but I want to inject code during runtime(for example via the dynamic library) in an emulator ...
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How to inject (a lot of) code into a running program?

I've seen a number of tutorials on changing several binary digits of an executable, like changing assembly je to jn. But what I want to add new functionalities. #include <iostream> #include <...
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How can i inject xamarin smali code into another apk?

I tried to make a simple foreground service android application using xamarin... then decompile and inject it into another apk...but it always crashes. here is adb logcat : 05-31 23:57:34.158 7680 ...
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can a stdout captured at a parameter to python script

I'm working on a CTF challenge that is find a secret password.This secret password base on the username and password that i input and the hash value had print out after hash calculation and i want to ...
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