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Questions tagged [immunity-debugger]

An OllyDbg 1.1 derivative made by Immunity Inc., that internally supports python scripting and shipped with many scripts to ease vulnerability and exploitation research.

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Shotcuts in immunity debugger

Recently I started using Immunity Debugger instead of Olly where I got really got used to my custom keybidings. I could not seem to find an option to configure shortcuts/keybindings in immunity ...
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Comparison of Windows Debuggers

I have some experience reverse engineering ELF files using tools like GDB, radare2, and Ghidra, but I am new to Windows debugging. There are quite a few different debuggers out there for Windows and ...
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Can I get thread counts remotely with Immunity Debugger

I am debugging a program on a Windows server with Immunity debugger. Immunity debugger offers a remote command line client. I can do basic tasks through this command line. But is there a way to get ...
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Move focus to Immunity Debugger command line

As the title says, I want to know if there is a keyboard shortcut that upon pressing will allow me to write in the Immunity command line?
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Send file or non-printable character in Immunity Debugger arguments

I am a beginner in Reverse Engineering. I am on Windows and using Immunity Debugger. I would like to send my payload on the .exe file. The payload contains non-printable characters. How I can launch ...
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Edit ASCII value in Assembler (using Immunity Debugger)

I am trying to edit ASCII String via Immunity Debugger: However when I right click to do binary edit and then I click ok, the MOV DWORD instruction is replaced with some random instruction which ...
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What are C2 & C3 characters in SLmail bad characters?

According to this site, there are 3 bad characters in SLmail v5.5 To sum it up, there are 3 bad characters that being ...
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Immunity error BB010002

I am trying to make this exploit work and having some difficulty. So I skipped to a 'fixed' version of it from here and the only thing I changed was the shell code:
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Immunity Debugger Unable to set Breakpoint

I have recently installed Immunity Debugger in order to do some dynamic analysis on some Malware however am getting the same 2 errors no matter what i try. The first error is that Immunity is 'Unable ...
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OllyDbg step over command not behaving exactly as the Immunity Debugger

I am taking Lena Reverse Engineering Tutorial and it uses OllyDbg debugger for its teaching. In the first chapter, he shows the file in OllyDbg debugger and steps over through it "step by step" until ...
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immunity debugger MSVCR90.dll R6034

I'm new to the science of reverse engineering. I recently downloaded immunity debugger 1.85 32bit Assembler-Level Debugger. My host machine is Windows 7 64 bit. I have python 2.7 installed as 32 bit ...
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Opening program via Ollydbg/Immunity in Win7 causes exception unless in XP Compatibility Mode

When opening the reverseme included with Lena's tutorials for debugging in either Immunity or Ollydbg an exception is produced within ntdll that results in termination of the process with code ...
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Immunity debugger not finding the process after crashing the process and detaching it

I launch both immunity debugger and vulnserver as administrator. I attach vulnserver.exe, then I send my payload to overwrite the EIP to crash it. After that I exit both immunity debugger and ...
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