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An OllyDbg 1.1 derivative made by Immunity Inc., that internally supports python scripting and shipped with many scripts to ease vulnerability and exploitation research.

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IDA pro: jump back to previous instruction

I'm new with IDA pro and currently running with debugger, I have few questions: How can I jump on previous instruction? Undo the latest instruction ? Is it possible in IDA to examine memory of an ...
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Where is ntdll.dll?

I am trying to get the base address of ntdll.dll over the PEB. So, what I did was to dump the PEB (d fs:[30]). Then, I tried to get to PEB_LDR_DATA over the offset 0xC. Over the offset 0x1C of ...
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Immunity Debugger on Windows 10?

Has anybody gotten Immunity Debugger to work on windows 10 yet? I downloaded it on Windows 10, launch it as administrator, and the GUI opens for about half a second and then it exits, no errors or ...
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Finding address from function name

By checking the human-readable strings in my target application, I found several interesting function names: ... DataIntegrityError GetObjectIdsOfDuplicateLinksErrors GetInvalidClusterIdsExists Main ...
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Loading a Driver in Immunity

It sounds strange and I realize that you usually use WinDbg to debug drivers, but I was reading up on Gray Hat Python and it states: To test this out, try loading the driver C:\WINDOWS\System32\...
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