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Software development kit of the IDAPro software suite, allow to develop processor modules, loaders and various extensions.

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idapython - Get Xrefs to a stack variable

I am trying to write an IDAPython script that will return a list of references to a local stack-frame variable. However, I couldn't find any API that does so. What I am trying to achieve is a code ...
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How can my plugin get notified of anterior or posterior comments (and more) changes to an IDA database?

IDA Pro allows plugins to receive notifications for a number of events. These are defined in the hook_type_t enumeration inside loader.hpp in the SDK from what I saw. If I subscribe to HT_IDB events, ...
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Try to parse buffer as PE with IDAPython

file_buffer = requests.get(file_url) buf_size = len(file_buffer) pe_file = pefile.PE(data=file_buffer) print("This is really a pe imphash %s." % pe_file.get_imphash()) addr = hex(id(...
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