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Interactive Disassembler Professional (formerly IDA Pro), a proprietary multi-platform disassembler by Hex-Rays.

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Tools to work cooperatively on the same binary

What's a working tool/methodology to work cooperatively on the same binary (if possible in parallel), that is proven to work? I used various methods long ago to share information with others, but not ...
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Treating independent code as a function in IDA Pro

When reverse engineering programs, I often find functions like the one below. This function in particular has a set of nested if/else blocks (pink boxes) which would typically be fairly easy to ...
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What is a FLIRT signature?

I've seen this referenced in a couple of other questions on this site. But what's a FLIRT signature in IDA Pro? And when would I create my own for use?
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Static analysis of C++ binaries

When reverse engineering binaries compiled from C++, it is common to see many indirect calls to function pointers in vtables. To determine where these calls lead, one must always be aware of the ...
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What are the essential IDA Plugins or IDA Python scripts that you use? [closed]

I'm a bit of a novice with IDA Pro, and have been discovering some of the excellent plugins available from the RE community as well as its vendors. My small list of plugins that I have found extremely ...
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How is a structure located within a disassembled program?

I took a basic 40-hr Reverse Engineering course a few summers ago. While teaching us to use IDAPro, the instructor demonstrated, rather quickly and without explaining much, how to label certain ...
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