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Refer to any programs specifically designed to be a plugin of IDA Pro.

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Detecting recursive functions in IDA

How can I detect/mark recursive functions in IDA? Trivial method would be to check every function's call list and if it calls itself then it's recursive. I'ld like to put a comment or some kind of ...
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Creating IDA Pro debugger plugins - API documentation and examples?

Are there any good resources for developing debugger plugins in IDA Pro using the SDK that describe the IDA debugger API? An example of this is the IDA Pro ARM debugger plugin on Sourceforge. There ...
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Is there an equivalent of 'Run trace' as in OllyDbg for IDA PRO?

I have been looking for the equivalent of the "Run Trace" option of OllyDbg in IDA Pro. Can anyone mention if there is one and how to use it ?
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In IDA, is there a way to add a reference to a dynamically imported function into the Imports tab?

The title says most of it. Say I have a Windows PE (x86, 32bit) binary (just so we have case to discuss), the imports list will usually only show the imports found in the import directory. The ...
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Adding a toolbar to IDA using PySide

So i'm trying to add a custom toolbar to IDA 6.4 using their PySide download and the IDAAPI. I've tried adding a toolbar by just creating one but since it doesn't have an exec_() method I can't get ...
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How can my plugin get notified of anterior or posterior comments (and more) changes to an IDA database?

IDA Pro allows plugins to receive notifications for a number of events. These are defined in the hook_type_t enumeration inside loader.hpp in the SDK from what I saw. If I subscribe to HT_IDB events, ...
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IDA Xrefs from - how to?

I want to generate all xrefs from function just to check what api it uses in its call-tree. I know I can generate call tree graph by right clicking on function name and "Xrefs from", but I would like ...
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Getting function arguments in ida

I'm trying to extract the callee arguments in my intel x86 binary using IDA Pro 7.3. I tried the following line: ida_typeinf.get_arg_addrs(call_address) # call address points at `call some_func` ...
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Saving IDA graphs as image

How Can I save IDA Pro's normal graph view as image? Is there any tool or plugin for that?
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Try to parse buffer as PE with IDAPython

file_buffer = requests.get(file_url) buf_size = len(file_buffer) pe_file = pefile.PE(data=file_buffer) print("This is really a pe imphash %s." % pe_file.get_imphash()) addr = hex(id(...
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