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Questions tagged [hex]

Format in which is visualized the memory content or the variables while memory inspection. Hexadecimal (or 'hex') represents integers in base 16 (with digits taken within `0`-`9` and `a`-`f`).

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Approach to extract useful information from binary file

The purpose of this question is to gain an understanding of the concepts behind reverse engineering and to understand what approaches may be taken to extract useful information from a binary file. I'...
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"Raw" offsets to "disassembler" offsets?

This is a very silly question, but surprisingly I've had a problem with this today. In a hex editor, I've found an offset and I wanted to take a look at that code in a disassembler. In the hex-editor, ...
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Replacing small length instruction with larger length instruction

Basically I want to replace MOVS R1, #0x0 with MOV.W R1, #0x123, since later instruction requires 4 bytes it is impossible to simply replace in HEX code. I am using IDA Pro for analyzing native ...
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How to edit .asec file? [closed]

How to edit .asec or compare two .asec files witch are stored by app at location mnt/.android_souce/app name.asec. This file get updated whenever data connection is on / while using app to upload and ...
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What techniques are used in reverse engineering a serial protocol?

I'm working with a small public transit agency on a neat open-source project that will help us to offer realtime data to local developers. A key piece of data we need is the current bus route a given ...
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3 answers

Paste hex bytes into IDA Pro Hex View

Is it possible to paste a series of bytes into hex view of IDA? Say I have a large buffer I need to fill with a specific value, and I have it in the form most hex editors output... 0A AB EF FF 00 01......
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What ways is there for an application to detect that it has been modified?

I am using ollydbg and a Hex editor. I confirmed that once the application is edited in any way it behaves different than normal. My first thought was that the file is checking the checksum value so ...
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