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Live feed from a flatbed scanner?

Would it be possible to write some kind of software that would allow you to see a live feed from the CCD sensor of a flatbed scanner as the mirror moves across the bed? Is there software that exists ...
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Trying to decode a vertex format

I'm trying to decode a vertex format that is used by the assets of a 3D application. I've identified the 0x24 stride. Every section starts with the position of the vertex, that is 3 32bit floats + 1 ...
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How to search for a graphical string?

I am trying to search for a string but in my case, that string is not like a normal string but it's a graphical string. As you have seen, that is not a normal string that can search for but it's a ...
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Need help with modifying DOS game extracting graphics codes

I have the following two Codes which make up a DOS Game Graphics Image Extracting Program, written in C# :- using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; using System.IO; ...
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Which tools are available to see embedded image and sound data

I'm reverse engineering a program from a memory dump using Ghidra. I know there are sections which contain images and sampled sound data in a raw format. I'm looking for a tool which will let me view ...
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Image decompression: Reconstructed LZW dictionary somewhat, not exactly matches original dictionary

I am attempting to reverse an animation format that uses (I think) some form of LZW for each of the frames. I have determined that a 12-bit code is used throughout the image. Here is a short target ...
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How to extract .nsh file?

I am trying to edit the graphics on a game and have a .nsh file where post-process effect data is contained. I cannot seem to find a program to extract/read its contents. Googling it, I see something ...
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How to find and edit the source of a string in a DX11 game's exe/files (debug build of the game available)

I want to find and edit the values for the motion blur effect in Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 on PC (Windows, DX11) to be more in line with the PS3 version (and the other Storm games on PC as well). ...
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ASUS Strix Vega 56 or 64

I'm in the process of creating ASUS AURA drivers for Linux. I'm hoping somebody here has access to a Strix version of the Vega 56 or 64 on a windows machine? If you do, would you please dump the smbus....
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Deciphering an unknown graphics format

For my own amusement, I dumped the files of an old Nintendo DS video game I have (the company has long since gone bankrupt/closed) and am trying to extract the assets. I have recovered game text, ...
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How is the I/O address space on the PC arranged?

I'm disassembling a 16-bit DOS executable, and looking at the following three instructions: mov dx,0x3ce mov ax,0xff08 out dx,ax I know it writes the value 0xff08 to I/O port 0x3ce. I also know that ...
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Any ideas on how to decode Photoshop Liquify .msh files?

Photoshop's Liquify filter allows you to distort images interactively in many different ways. When you have distorted an image to your liking, you can save the mesh that represents the transformation ...
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debugging a graphical msdos game

There is a DOS game I want to run through a debugger. I tried using (FreeDos) DEBUG.COM over DosBox. But the problem is that this game uses graphics, and this messes up the output of DEBUG.COM. Is ...
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Tools for RE OpenCL Kernel

I have an OpenCL 2.0 program with various .bin files that I would like to reverse. file shows: $> file k.bin k.bin: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, *unknown arch 0x40c* version 1 (SYSV), corrupted ...
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