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Installation problem with gotools extension for Ghidra: Extension version for [] is incompatible with Ghidra

I'm getting the following error when I try to install the following extension Installation Error Extension version for [] is incompatible with ...
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How to decompile an APK written in Golang?

I recently started trying to learn basic reverse engineering and Golang. Decompiling Android apps written in C++ and Java/Kotlin seems easy as there are tons of documents and tools that enable you to ...
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Reverse Engineering Go obfuscated binaries

I have been trying to understand the working of this go malware by reversing it, which can be found here , so basically this stuff takes a shellcode as an input, and converts it to an exe or dll file, ...
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Does Golang's cgo now support output with .gopclntab?

I read this page in which the author, Chris Siebenmann, states that binaries created using cgo will not have the gopclntab or the gosymtab sections. However, I see that on go version go1.13.15 linux/...
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How to find references for a string (where it is being called) in Go binary

I have a Go binary and I have this string: When I go to its location, with IDA Pro, and tries to find all the references (using x) I am getting a message that there are no references: It might be ...
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Extracting strings from Go binaries

Is there an easy way to extract all of the strings from Go binaries that will work cross architecture? The problem with Go is that strings are stored without a null terminator, so you can't use the &...
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