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S30+ Game Development

How can I get started developing games for the S30+ operating system on Windows or Linux? I have a new nokia 150, which seems to run the correct operating system, although I'm not sure if this phone ...
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Need help in opening of binary files

Need help with unreadable Far Cry 6 binary format (.spx) Hi everyone, name is Adi :-). For the past few weeks I've been searching for a solution to a problem that the Far Cry Modding Community with me ...
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Creating the SkiFree 2 dream... An introduction [closed]

I am no programmer but I like to do it for my own purpose and entertainment. As in earlier posts I said: Excuse me, I am just liking to use the SkiFree source code for my very own purpose. The purpose ...
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Bookworm Deluxe wordlist not understood. Any insights?

I am looking at the "wordlist.txt" file for Bookworm Deluxe (an old game by PopCap), and I have not been able to make sense of it. Most of the lines seem to be pieces of words, often with a ...
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How can I extract the timestamp from this bytestring?

I am missing a piece of the puzzle that is the TCP protocol the Battlefield Bad Company games use to transfer dogtag records to/from the FESL backend. The general packet structure is quite clear and I ...
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x32dbg version causes crash on breakpoint

i'm a newbie to this whole shindig, and have started with i'm finding this fun, but am getting stuck here: when i try to apply a breakpoint using x32dbg, as in https://...
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Need help with modifying DOS game extracting graphics codes

I have the following two Codes which make up a DOS Game Graphics Image Extracting Program, written in C# :- using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; using System.IO; ...
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Can Glicko-2 accept any outcomes besides wins, losses, and draws?

This seems like the best place listed to ask (apologies if it's not) but I'm extremely curious: Glicko and Glicko-2 are ratings algorithms designed for chess (as an improvement to the Elo rating ...
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Help MMO Tcp Packet

I'm trying re-send the packets that an MMO sends to the server just to learn more about packets. The game uses TCP. I sent the same message in the game chat "oi" to analyze the packages sent ...
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Wrong access .data segment

Preface I'm a PHP programmer, in my spare time I've been doing reverse work. Achieved good progress in the analysis game. But there was a big problem on my way. And now, more than ever, i need the ...
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Trying to extract images from .imb archives used by Railroad Tycoon 2

I am trying to extract the sprites from Railroad Tycoon 2. Having successfully extracted the files contained in the data .paks it uses, I am now stuck at trying to extract files from the .imb files it ...
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