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Questions tagged [functions]

A sequence of instructions performing a basic task packaged as a unit in a program.

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Tracing function call args with IDA Pro

Right now I'm trying to place a trace point and hook it with the Python code that pulls all relevant stuff from the stack. Unfortunately it just gives me the garbage all the time, because the value in ...
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Reversing Pyarmor Discussion

Anyone messing around with pyarmor recently? For those of you that are unaware of what pyarmor is, its a protection software that is to help obfuscate and protect your software. Heres an image of what ...
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Implementing call into compiled, undocumented, C DLL; divining exported function prototype

I've been attempting to build my own implementation of Nvidia's Surround functionality by using their DLLs within a more reliable and automatic system. I'm pretty new to this; I've been a programmer ...
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Restore function key

I have a simple function which looks like that: keyAlphabet = [-1, 16, 32, 127, 61, -32, -31, 43, 0, 88, 2, 5, 7, 112, 64, 69, 96] key = ??? # only keyAlphabet values p = 0x1337 for i in key: ...p*=i ...
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Decoding A/C IR Codes

I captured infrared codes from an air conditioner remote to realize each code contains the entire state (i.e. temperature, mode, fan speed, etc.) every time a button is pressed. I believe this is so ...
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Log functions called in IDA Pro?

When I run an exe in IDA how could I log which functions were called into a text file? log.txt: call func1 call func2 call func1 call func1 Not worried about indirect calls. This is for differential ...
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How to reverse an import function?

I'm reversing windows .sys file and an import function RtlLookupEntryHashTable appears in my target functions. I want to know the pseudocode of it. How to achieve this? .text:00000001C00218C2 ...
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Function Arguments/Name on Radare and IDA

I am starting with reverse engineering and Radare and I'm facing the following problem, on IDA Free I see the following code: mov ecx, 11h lea edi, [esp+1208h+StartupInfo] rep stosd lea ...
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Removing/bypassing a BIOS whitelist

I am trying to bypass or erase the BIOS whitelist on my Thinkpad T440p. So far I've used flashrom and a soic8 clip to dump the bios to a bios.img file made another dump and compared with diff bios....
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Is there a way to modify number of reads/writes to/from a memory address?

I haven't had any luck researching this, so I thought I would inquire here! Let's assume I have found a memory address housing a value of interest. Using a program like Cheat Engine, I look for ...
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Why does IDA mark this as end of function?

I'm analyzing a .so file that is a part of an android application. I've stumbled upon this block of code: LOAD:0001B63C sub_1B63C ; CODE XREF: sub_1B628+Cp LOAD:...
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DirectX calls not appearing

I'm trying to do some reverse-engineering to a DirectX 9 game. I've used PIX to see all the DirectX calls of the game, and that part worked correctly. After that, I wanted to know where in the code ...
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WebAssembly Unity base64 decipher

When in game ( going to leaderboard and searching a player id lets say: 1. It renders player data retrieved from here just fine: If I type this url (get ...
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The way to determine how the decompiled constructor is structured

I have the following constructor decompiled by Ghidra, i.e. Game. I know some of the functions, which are part of that constructor. And thus I have created my interpretation of that structure. But I ...
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finding a not-so-straightforward game's function

I am working on Mad Max game [ APEX engine ] I do my best to explain the situation. so my target executes function like this: there are commands like " call [eax+XX] " or " call RX &...
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