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Questions tagged [function-hooking]

Correspond to all the techniques used to intercept function calls and to attach a piece of code before or/and after the execution of the function itself.

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4 votes
5 answers

print [B byte array in frida js script

I'm learning frida and trying to hook a function that looks like: `.method public final fn()[B` It returns a byte array. Here's my code: Java.perform(function () { var test = Java.use("com...");...
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4 votes
4 answers

Calculation of jmp address through subtraction

I don't get why the two addresses of the functions are subtracted in order to get the jump destination. mov eax, [ebp+func1] sub eax, [ebp+func2] sub eax, 5 mov [ebp+var_4], eax Which ...
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2 votes
0 answers

How can I enumerate and hook all non-exported functions in using frida?

I was reverse engineering an apk and just found out it is using native functions for such operations. there are some exported and non-exported functions. wanted to get and hook those non-exported ...
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DetourAttach breaks with Illegal Instruction 0xC000001D

I am trying to detour a function using DetourAttach() in the following fashion: hooks::logDebug("swresample-3Proxy.log", fmt::format("Try to attach hook. Function {:p}, hook {:p}.",...
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2 answers

How to declare a constructor in reversed class?

I wonder how to declare the reference to a constructor to a reversed class, i.e. I have a class say Game and it has a constructor at a certain address. It is declared like this: game.h namespace ...
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