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FPGA stands for field programmable gate array. It is programmable logic which usually is faster than writing some specific software for it since you write actual hardware. Languages used to synthesize code to a FPGA are for example: vhdl and verilog.

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Is it possible to read a device's firmware or internal programming in computer's RAM?

Let us say I want to reverse engineer a PCIe-based FPGA device. Can I read or extract the IP core or any firmware in the computer's RAM or by trying to communicate with the device in some way?
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Blackmagic Pocket Firmware Modifikation

I'm trying to modify the FPGA firmware for the Blackmagic Pocket Camera. The camera's 60fps function is disabled. The sensor can handle 100fps. Blackmagic only provides Max. 30fps. So there is more to ...
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.bin files Firmware

I'm looking for help in analyzing a few .bin files. I have a program that installs a "firmware" update when I connect my camera through USB. I'm on a Mac Os Sierra. Inside the Applications Folder ...
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Finding what is attached where

So, I have an old FPGA board manufactured by everyone's favorite bitcoin hardware pioneer, Butterfly Labs. I have the hardware, a JTAG programmer, the name of the chips (probably) under the hood (...
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What can you find out about an unknown CPLD?

Sometimes you can find a CPLD (Complex Programmable Logic Device) on a circuit board. What can you do to find out what it is for? What are the limits and capabilities? What are common applications ...
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Get FPGA Part Number from bitstream

I've downloaded the .pof bitstream from an Altera Cyclone device. Is there any information I can get from it like, even just the FPGA P/N it is being used to configure?
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Likely places to look to find cheap sources of FPGA? Which devices should I open first? [closed]

I have a large group of new and old devices and I would like to find a FPGA to start poking around on. What products or types will be likely to have FPGAs in them?
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Reversing an FPGA circuit

Let's assume I have a device with an FPGA on it, and I managed to extract the bitstream from its flash. How would I go about recovering its behavior? One simple case is if it implements a soft ...
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