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Creating the SkiFree 2 dream... An introduction [closed]

I am no programmer but I like to do it for my own purpose and entertainment. As in earlier posts I said: Excuse me, I am just liking to use the SkiFree source code for my very own purpose. The purpose ...
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NameError: name 'ScreenEA' is not defined

Part of Practical malware analysis Lab5, is to run a python script in IDA Pro I have tried by going to Files-->Script command then I have pasted my python code: sea = ScreenEA() for i in range(...
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problem with LD_PRELOAD

Hell0!!! I try ld_preload by pwntools and take it... How can I fix this problem???
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How to create a function graph in IDA? Could not find grapher (Linux)

IDA (free v8.0 on Kali Linux) produces an error any time I attempt to create a graph, e.g. View > Graphs > Function Call: Could not find grapher '/usr/bin/dotty'. Please check GRAPH_VISUALIZER ...
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Attaching debugger to process IDA Pro privilege problem

I am trying to attach the WinDBG to particular process but I constantly get the error below : I am using win 7 x64 and am trying to debug x64 application. I run the IDA Pro with admin privileges. I ...
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Analyze a created thread after main thread

during an analysis, I had the following situation: The main thread allocates some space, the base address is 002E0000. Then it put opcodes (of the new thread) to that place. So, 002E0000 was the ...
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