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Entropy as a measurement of information density is used particularly in reverse code engineering (RCE) to tell apart compressed or encrypted pieces of data (or even code) from plain data.

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Best way to find the entropy of an EXE file?

I want to write a script to extract the entropy of each sections of an EXE file. What is the best tool that I can use to do this? I tried Ghidra but it doesn't have an entropy API which I can use.
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What does entropy mean and how can it be used? [duplicate]

I'm playing around with binwalk -E and am just looking at some entropy graphs as I try to reverse engineer some CTF binaries. I kinda understand the use of data/information entropy in cryptography (it'...
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What is an entropy graph

I am new to reversing and I see a tool Detect It Easy and it has a feature called Entropy. I want to know what it is used for?
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Can anyone help me identify and decode this string? [closed]

Below is a part of a code that I reversed with repy2exe and I want to understand what it does and especially how to decode the value in the "secret" variable: using = [ 'Mg==\n', 'MTA1\n', ...
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Removing randomness from program execution

So I have a program which is highly obfuscated and generates a unique output every time. For ease of reversing I want to make it so that the output is the same for every run (following the logic that ...
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How does PeID calculate entropy?

I'm curious about the entropy field value that shows up when a binary is dropped into PeID. Does someone know how it arrives upon this value?
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