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Process of copying the content of a block of a program's memory to file. It can be not trivial if the target program hooked memory-related APIs.

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Trying to obtain embedded flash memory on MCP5554 microcontroller

I am capable of dumping flash memory directly from EEPROM; however I am trying to pull data from a microcontroller that has an embedded 2 Mbyte flash in it. I understand that JTAG is one way to go. ...
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Anti Dumping Techniques (C++)

how would I go about blocking Memory Dumps by corrupting the PE Header or blocking the Debugger to get an Handle? I tried this already but it didnt work. Scylla could still dump it fine.
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Dump router firmware over U-BOOT

I connected ttl cable to my router board, and Im trying to dump firmware in order to flash second device over web interface with my backup so I have few questions: What binary file for ex. upgrade....
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How can i extract u-boot image from fgt90d.out firmware and install Openwrt image?

I have a lot of out of licensed Fortigate90D devices so i want to reuse and run Openwrt/pfsense on them. I have dumped and decoded the bios and got some useful datas, according to datas we can see u-...
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I attempted to read from an Intel 87C54 microcontroller and it came up all FF's. Any way to read from this?

I'm using the popular TL866II Plus programmer to read from the chip. I see in the datasheet that it has lock bits which can disable the verify (read) function, but I'm not sure if that causes an ...
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Finding the function of test points on a router

I have a BCM3383 based cable router here where I ultimately want to dump the firmware. I have serial access to the broadcom bootloader and the linux console. Login for linux is unkown and telnet does ...
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Dump packed dll

I am trying to analyze lua functions of game but dll is packed and I can't see them. I tried to dump dll with scylla but I still didn't get lua functions. Can someone ...
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Dump a MX25L12845E with a bus pirate and flashrom

I just received my buspirate, I now want to dump a flash (MX25L12845E). I tried the following command: flashrom -V -p buspirate_spi:dev=/dev/tty.usbserial-AJ02XILF,spispeed=1M -r MX25L128.bin -c ...
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beginner hardware sniffing question

this is not going to be a specific question but here goes. Ive just started reading about reverse engineering for the 3ds. Is it possible to open the 3ds up and connect a probe somewhere on the chip ...
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extracting data from dump files

I have used Frida and Fridump for Memory Dump & Strings Dump on a mobile device so ,now I have about 500 Files with format. first, I want to extract any pdf files and save them in my pc ...
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Reconstructing "relative" import functions in IDA

Apologies in advance if any premises of my question are incorrect, I'm rebuilding imports for the first time and I'm frankly pretty overwhelmed. I'm reverse engineering a packed win32 executable, so I ...
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