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16 bits DOS MZ executable file format

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Borland C++ 3.0 - Which code might produce this strangely convoluted ASM sequence?

I'm reverse-engineering a DOS binary that was compiled with Borland C++ 3.0, and I'm trying to create C code that will produce the same assembly as the original when compiled with the same compiler. ...
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Need help with modifying DOS game extracting graphics codes

I have the following two Codes which make up a DOS Game Graphics Image Extracting Program, written in C# :- using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Text; using System.IO; ...
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I have a really old cobol program that was used to store some data, the company is no loger active and the program had to receive a key every 3 months. What tools I can use to reverse a cobol program? ...
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DOS .exe File Decompiled in Cutter Program Showing Different Than In IDA Pro

I am having an issue when using the Cutter Reverse Engineering Program, Here is a Segment of Decompiled Assembly, in Cutter :- at 0000:4ed5 in the picture I posted the .string line of text is there, ...
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I have a dos file/database that i need to extract into MS Excel or My Sql

I have a dos file/database(decades old) that I need to extract into MS Excel or My SQL. I am using a MacBook. The file appears to have no extension. The file type I can see when I do "get info&...
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How to maintain function ordering in an executable when replacing machine code with C step by step?

I am working on reversing a DOS game consisting of 16-bit MZ EXE files. I was able to determine the exectuables were generated by Microsoft C v 5.10, and loading the signatures from the static ...
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Where to start analyzing a 16 bit dos program?

I've tried to analyze this small exe online. I've tried with (link) but it's hard for me to get the first question: Why the tool doesn't try to detect the set ...
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IDA fixups, why and how

I'm using IDA 7 Freeware, not Pro. I've been using IDC to re-invent the wheel somewhat, but I'm learning a ton of stuff as I go along. I have a 16-bit MSDOS exe which I'm reversing. I stripped out ...
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