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Dynamic-link library, or DLL, is Microsoft's implementation of the shared library concept in the Microsoft Windows and OS/2 operating systems.

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What is DLL Injection and how is it used for reversing?

I was reading a discussion about dumping a processes part of a process's memory and someone suggested using DLL injection to do this. I'll be honest in that I don't really understand. How does DLL ...
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Is there any way to decompile a .NET assembly or program?

Are there any tools available to take an already compiled .dll or .exe file that you know was compiled from C# or Visual Basic and obtain the original source code from it?
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How can DLL injection be detected?

In this question on DLL injection multiple answers mention that DLL injection can be used to modify games, perhaps for the purposes of writing a bot. It seems desirable to be able to detect DLL ...
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Difference between DllMain and DllEntryPoint

I have a piece a malware to analyze. It is a DLL according to the IMAGE_FILE_HEADER->Characteristics. I was trying to do some dynamic analysis on it. I have done the following: Run it with ...
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Puzzling behaviour when loading Wine's oleaut32.dll in OllyDbg

I was experimenting with debugging Windows programs under Wine and spotted this weird behaviour. When I check Wine's oleaut32.dll in OllyDbg I get different values in PE header compared to that what ...
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What is ObjectStublessClientXX in ole32dll?

When I do dynamic reversing I saw usage with ObjectStublessClientXX in ole32.dll . What is that function? What does it do? Is there any way that it supposed to transfer message between 2 processes? ...
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Can I statically link (not import) the Windows system DLLs?

I have compiled following C source code in VS2010 console project. #include <stdio.h> int main(int argc, char* argv[]){ printf("hello world\n"); return 0; } then I used /MT option for ...
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Determining if a file is managed code or not

How can I quickly tell if a EXE or DLL I have is managed code or not? I spent some time recently trying to disassemble a file and then later learned through some traces in the code that I could have ...
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Freely available resource hacking applications

I am using Resource Hacker as a tool to extract out resources like icon, images, etc. from .dll or .exe file. In addition, I am using it to crack some small Windows application. However, it does not ...
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Dll injection and GetProcAddress with the winapi

So i just read a little bit about how one would go about for injecting a dll into a running program on Wikipedia (the CreateRemoteThread idea). I followed the steps described and eventually got it ...
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Reverse engineer Listen to this device on Windows - Reverse engineer Windows when there's no API

I'm writing an Autohotkey script to toggle Listen to this device for my microphone, without interacting with a GUI. I thought it would be a simple registry key being modified so I used RegShot to ...
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Get interface definition of undocumented COM objects

I have started exploring COM objects, initially I got to it from UAC bypass methods but I guess my question is general. The general question is: How can I get from (elevated) CLSID in the registry to ...
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Wierd names in import table

I'm trying to do a static analysis of a PE file to see what it does. While doing so, I stumbled upon some really wierd function names in my objdump DLL Name: msvcrt.dll vma: Hint/Ord Member-Name ...
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IDA Pro 64 bit disassembly error for system DLLs

I use IDA Pro 6.8.150428 (idaq64.exe) to disassemble system dlls (64 bit) e.g. ntdll.dll, kernel32.dll, etc. in Windows 10 64 bit. I found idaq64.exe correctly disassembling 64 bit sample applications ...
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Delay imported function not in export table

I've been reverse engineering a PE executable and I came across a behavior that I can't understand. The executable uses both shell32.dll and profapi.dll. I see that shell32.dll delay loads a function ...
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How to intercept a call to function with known name from known DLL

First of all I wasn't very much into reversing until now, so excuse me if my question is dumb. I have a windows DLL most likely made with Visual C++. It's been developed in 1998 and has Mfc42.dll (4....
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Permanently load a DLL to an executable

With the help of IDA I was able to hard-code changes into an executable by simply replacing some bytes with a hex editor, what I did was to change the resolution to something larger. I've learnt that ...
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Where can be assembly-csharp.dll decrypted?

So I have an android game. Its Assembly-CSharp.dll causes .NET Reflector to show File is not a portable executable. DOS header does not contain 'MZ' signature It's encrypted. The app seems to ...
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Set QWORD with a constant value in IDA Pro

At line #3 of a function, I have a QWORD at address 7FE875F3FE0 which resolves to a value of 85857490416 for which the function returns true. If not, the value is set to 0. I would like to know how ...
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How to declare a constructor in reversed class?

I wonder how to declare the reference to a constructor to a reversed class, i.e. I have a class say Game and it has a constructor at a certain address. It is declared like this: game.h namespace ...
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