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Extra information added to help for debugging purpose. It gathers information about each variable, type, procedure, etc, and link the assembly code to source code. Usual debugging-symbols formats includes DWARF, stabs, PDB ...

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Generating symbol file for closed-source binary by hand

I have a closed-source binary (minecraft-pi). For a given section of the assembly like so: a2ed4: e92d45f8 push {r3, r4, r5, r6, r7, r8, sl, lr} a2ed8: e1a04000 mov ...
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How to find the symbol table in a TI DSP. (TMS320C5510)

That's it, just want to know how to find the symbol table in a binary I pulled from a DSP chip. I know it could be stripped, just don't know how to tell.
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How to add symbols from open source lib to Ghidra?

I have a binary which I can tell is using rapidjson (open source C++ library) (header only/not dynamically linked). How can I load debug symbols from that? It would help to see the types, function ...
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dwarf: variable offset from base

I have a simple code: int main() { int a = 4; printf("%d\n", a); a = 8; if (a == 8) printf("%d\n", a); return 0; } DIEs for the function and variable: <1><32a>: Abbrev ...
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PowerPC executable doesn't show debugging symbols in Ghidra

I have a PowerPC executable (Wipeout 2097 for Macintosh) that when opened in IDA will have all its function names resolved from debugging symbols in the executable right out of the box. In Ghidra ...
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Symbols could not be loaded for win32k drivers

I'm doing a kernel debugging on a VmWare installed Windows 10 corporate edition (x64 version 1607 build 14393.447). I use Ida Pro 6.6 with the WinDbg plugin. On my host i have the same OS , with ...
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Need Help Cracking a Program

So I've got this .exe that I want to crack. It's an old management system for people in truck loading business. I kind of understand what's happening with window API calls but I'm unable to access the ...
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