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Debuggers allow the user to view and change the running state of a program.

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How to access and modify data segment when doing hardware breakpoint crashes the application?

I want to modify the data segment in the x64_DBG, however, I don't know how to access it. lea r8,qword ptr ds:[7FEF0CA6AD8] In the above code, the address 7FEF0CA6AD8 is loaded in r8 register. I ...
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Anti-kernelmode functions (specifically zwquerysysteminformation) [closed]

I'm working on a program that has lots of checks, and I've decided to start by disabling their anti-kernel mode, as it'd surely be more easy to isolate than normal anti-debugging. After poking around ...
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How can I use an x64 debugger to reroute a .NET application's logic?

I'd like to improve my reverse engineering skills, so I made this WPF application (targeting x64, of course): MainWindow.xaml: <Window x:Class="ApplicationTest.MainWindow" xmlns="http://...
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Logging the Instruction Pointer Register

Is there a tool that logs the value the IP register of a specific process running? I am trying to compare the instruction excution before and after a file modification.
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Attaching Ida to a process

I am a little new to ida. So don't judge on the question I am about to ask but I am tired chasing my tail around. I am trying to attach ida to a running process but I get the following error messages: ...
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Anti-debug techniques for MS-Windows?

Is there any anti-debugger tricks used by malware other than interrupt INT 0x2D ? And, how do they work ? Working examples would be really nice !
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Set a breakpoint before WriteFile operation in OllyDbg [closed]

In the process monitor, I see a WriteFile operation. How can I set a breakpoint and view everything about this operation in OllyDbg? If this is not possible with OllyDbg, what other tools can I use?
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