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Is there any way to read the data in STC11F02E?

I need to read the data from the STC11F02E microcontroller. Is there a way to do this?
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Debug Linux Kernel ARM64

I need to extract Initramfs from the kernel. The initramfs archive itself is encrypted and located inside the kernel. I couldn't extract the key. I thought to run the kernel in Qemu, connect with the ...
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other than x32dbg, is there a more friendly way to check functions, their args and their return values on runtime?

atm I'm using ida and x32dbg, when I find a function that interests me, I set a breakpoint on x32dbg, however, I'm not good enough at assembly to know everything from a function just from looking at ...
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Problem while debug with x64dbg

I am debugging with x32dbg a program (x) which at some point opens another program (y). Is it possible to continue debugging also on program (y) when opened by the first one (x)? Unfortunately, ...
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debug stripped file

I've system embedded mips big endian with gdb-server and I want debug stripped file of the target, I can run in target gdb server with stripped file (--attach PID), but when I try to connect with gdb-...
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How to debug a file that can't treat with it directly?

I have a game that has ("ex: GameGate.exe") file to open. I found out later that file is not responsible for opening the game directly but it's just a gate to open another file ("ex: ...
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I need simple debugger source

How can I write a simple debugger for Windows? I need to launch another program (do not attach to an already running one, but launch it yourself) then to let it run and to catch it at a certain ...
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Output from gcc containing all included source code?

Right now, I'm using a combination of gcc -g and the objdump -S modes to generate assembly code with debug source code interleaved. However, I'm having trouble correlating some of the functions that ...
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