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Questions tagged [compilers]

A computer program that transforms source code into the target language, often having a binary form known as object code.

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Where can I find these compilers given in the Rich Header of a system BIOS file?

I am working on a project which deals with the BIOS file of a well known manufacturer. I recovered the file from the disk partition which stores and uses the file in case BIOS is corrupted or its ...
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How to add Instructions (OpCodes) after a If Statement in C#?

I hope someone can help me out with my problem. Currently I'm working with C# and use the library Mono.Cecil to add Instruction Code before a method exits. There is this one case, when a if statement ...
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Lexer and parser for .asm file produced by objdump

Is there any existing project that parses the x86 disassembly file or .asm produced by the objdump or IDA pro using the lexer and parser library in python or any other programming language?
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Is it possible to define the adress of a function in assembly?

I am creating a PoC for anti-disassembly techniques, and I would like to know if there were ways to define the address of functions once compiled with gcc. Here is the PoC program : BITS 32 EXTERN ...
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