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Is there a way to trace the differences of a software in x64dbg?

Why does Immunity Debugger unable to start my application? I want to compare the differences of a software: Immunity Debugger can trace all assembly instruction with the Add entries of all procedures ...
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Compare two traces from ollydbg

I have a program that executes differently depending on what files are present on my computer. I'd like to run a trace in two scenarios (with the default file and with an edited version of the file) ...
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Time/Money needed for R&D vs. reverse engineering [closed]

Is it possible to estimate how much more time it takes and how much more it costs when you work on a Research and Development (R&D) project compared to a reverse-engineering project? For example, ...
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Compare call graphs of two dll's Using IDAPython comand line

I need to generate call graph for two DLL's and compare it using IDApython and it must be executed automatically in command line. How to generate and save call graph and immediately open next DLL and ...
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Ida Pro compare constants in same function or not

How do I compare in IDA PRO if constants are located in the same functions or not.. like filter from all constants if I search for 2 constants or more I want to know which function(s) contain all the ...
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