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Command line is the basic interface between a human and an operating system. It consists of a prompt, and lets the human type text commands.

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Is there any way to execute Hopper scripts from command line?

What should I do if I have a batch of binaries to decompile with Hopper? I know how to run a Hopper script in the UI interface, is there any way to run Hopper scripts from command line? Or any other ...
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How can I find the part of cmd.exe that processes windows batch commands before they're executed?

I'm able to find the ReadConsoleInputW commands for pause and reading input for commands but I'm unable to find the actual processing of the commands. I'm using x64dbg but I'm fairly new to Reverse ...
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idat.exe -S, path with spaces

I'm trying to execute the command: idat.exe -S"home\mypath to script\ args" -L"logs" -A But I get an error. Among the logs is present the error: home\mypath: ...
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