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Command line is the basic interface between a human and an operating system. It consists of a prompt, and lets the human type text commands.

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How to find obfuscated hidden command line parameters?

The Amazon KindleGen command line app (Windows, macOS, Linux download links) has several undocumented command line parameters that I'm curious about. One of these hidden command line parameters is: -...
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Command for Command line plugin does not work

I need to analyse a sample which creates a child process. I want to analyze the child process, too, but I have the following problem. Therefore, I take the command line plugin for my olldbg v1.10 and ...
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Recreating ping command injection using curl instead using web page on Huawei router

I have an ARM based Huawei router and Im trying to do injection vulnerability on page under diagnostics where's "ping" feature is. So first I tried this command -c 1 and it worked -...
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