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An activity which results in the creation of the model from a program source code

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What is the current state of the art for platform modeling?

When we're doing reverse engineering, we have a few levels of models. One of them is the instruction semantics model, which tells us what every native instruction does to modify instruction state. We'...
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Should I keep parenthesis information while source modeling?

I'm developing an AST model for a source code reverse engineering platform. My question is, should I keep parenthesis data in my AST? Because I have everything in a tree, I already know which ...
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Transfer function names from one IDA DB to another

Do anyone know about an automatic way to transfer function names from one IDA file to another while: First IDA file is based on version 1 of the executable. Second IDA file is based on the updated, ...
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Reverse engineering PS2 Naruto 3D Model Format

As a personal project, I've been trying to reverse engineer the model for a Naruto PS2 game, but to no success in trying to visualize vertex data and faces with Model Ressearcher, and the .OBJ ...
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C# Source Reverse Eng into UML Model Fragment

While almost all UML tools provide a means of obtaining the structural content of a body of source material, i.e. namespaces as: packages, Class, Interfaces, Attributes and Operations. Has anyone ...
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What is a USES Diagram? [closed]

I am new to reverse engineering code. I am currently trying to reverse engineer code that is poorly documented. The reason being is that my system will be based of the code I am reverse engineering. ...
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