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IDA ATL C++ class reconstruction

I'm currently using IDA Pro to analyze a dll, but IDA Pro doesn't analyze ATL standard classes properly, including CString, so I'm trying to reconstruct the classes manually, but I'm having some ...
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One class with different sizes

After looking at some basic examples of how C++ classes are compiled by MSVC, I tried to apply the knowledge to a DLL I'm working on. While searching for a class to start with, I came across ...
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How is it possible to generate C++ class header from a .dll or ELF file?

I loaded a dynamic library file to IDA. I can clearly see the function signatures from the "Function name list". There are RTTI items in the "Structures" tab as well, but I don't ...
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Does loading custom PDB help reversing behemoth program?

What I reverse : Old 4~8mb games compiled with vc++ 2006~2008(depends on version), whose source code is lost. It(they) has the mixtures of their custom structures, classes and directX sdk ...
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Reverse Engineering Classes in ARM

I came across this part in the book Reverse Engineering For Beginners book by Denis Yurichev. It writes about reverse engineering Classes in C++, but it doesn't provide any examples in ARM. Page 546 ...
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