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Best way from high level software developer to malware analyst

I am a software developer with commercial experience in Python and mainly Scala working on high level programming, e.g. REST APIs, and only personal/university projects experience in C++. I would like ...
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Choose a career path [closed]

I'm facing a dilemma whether to choose RE career or Penetration Tester career. I have a deep interest in both and want to become expert in both of them.But I wonder if it is possible for a human to be ...
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How to get a job in the Reverse Engineering community? [duplicate]

Just curious if there are any resources for finding a job being a Reverse Engineering specialist. I have done some RE work in the past, and I find that I enjoy the work, but haven't really been able ...
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Taking up reverse engineering as a research topic, need advice [closed]

I'm currently a computer sciences undergrad who'd like to do some basic research work in reverse engineering as my premier project (for completion of my bachelor's degree). So far, I've studied ...
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10 years as erp consultant. Is too late to become an ethical hacker? [closed]

I am working as an ERP consultant for post 10 years. I find Ethical hacking and reverse engineering very interesting and want to become one. I have been reading some books and also watching videos. ...
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Good resources to start learning Reverse Engineering [duplicate]

Can you please suggest me good starting learning resources for Reverse Engineering. I am a complete newbie to reverse engineering but have good programming experience. I have experience in programming ...
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Getting started with malware research [closed]

I followed some reverse engineering tutorials and they got me really interested. And I heard that you could make a career out of it, mostly from malware research. So... how can I learn about malware ...
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How do I move from RCE being a hobby to RCE being a profession?

I'm currently a high school sophomore. I haven't really done much on the RCE of malware, I've unpacked zbot and rbot, and looked at how they work, but I can manipulate practically any game to my ...
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In what industries is [code] reverse engineering used?

While we all know what fun reverse engineering of code can be, I am wondering what legitimate industries, besides the anti-X industry, reverse engineer code? While this may sometimes be needed in many ...
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