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C166 is a family of 16-bit microcontrollers from Infineon (previously Siemens), often used in automotive applications such as ECUs.

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CRC16 Reverse in C166 Arch

Before that I asked about piece of code that used in this algorithm (here). Now I have a bit problem with the rest of algorithm. So I have to describe this with detail. Sorry if i vast your time for ...
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The C166 family code meaning

What the meaning of this code with an explanation? sub_37C2: mov r5, r4 shr r5, #14 shl r5, #1 mov r5, [r5+0FE00h] ; DPP0 bmov r4.14, r5.0 bmov r4.15, r5.1 shr r5, #2 rets ; ...
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C166/C167 code analyzing

Recently I try to reverse piece of assembly code that written for C166/C167 Arch. But I have a problem with some places for convert to C code, such as: loc_1892: mov r9, #4 add r9, r0 mov ...
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Trying to dump firmware from embedded flash

I have an Infineon XC161CJ-16F SoC and Micron/ST M29W320EB parallel nor flash memory that I am trying to dump the firmware from but I'm not sure how to proceed. I found JTAG pads that I soldered pins ...