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Questions tagged [binary-format]

Refer to the hexadecimal format which is directly executed by the CPU or the interpreter. Opposed to the human-readable format which can be understood by the reverse without any intermediate translation.

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Analyzing a Revit project file

I've been messing around with Revit and trying to understand the internal data structures for its file format. I'm not particularly experienced with this type of work and the processes around reverse ...
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How can I quickly tell which ARM Thumb version a particular piece of code is using?

I'm working with an ARM processor: an STM32F407VGT6 board, which IIUC powers a 32-bit Arm® Cortex®-M4. I need to inspect the binary weight of some instruction, so I used objdump like this: arm-none-...
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Trying to understand a simple compiled PSI binary file

I was working with an old ios game, and found that it saved most of its data (players, worlds, anything in-between) in MDB files.. titled data.mdb and lock.mdb. There is a pair for every object type (...
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Interpreting clipboard data from HMI software

I'm attempting to automate tedious processes when using the EasyBuilder Pro software by Weintek, which is programming software for industrial HMIs. Long story short, I need the ability to fill the ...
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What format could this image mask be?

So I'm looking at these sprite files from a type of virtual world format that's no longer around. They appear to be JPEGs with some custom markers, one of which appears to be an alpha mask. Here's ...
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Find out what is this binary database entry and what format it is

the following varbinary "BUFFER" of a database entry is for an article. FIELD_0 is in plain text and the item name is "1", which I created with the item management software. [...
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Figuring out Win10 ShellMenuHost/StartMenuHost cache data relation for Tiles

I have a weird bug that causes this crap: There are plenty of dumb "solutions" a-la "turn it off and on" but none of them work and/or relevant, the shell apps simply refuse to ...
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Advice for retrieving functions and tables from Intel 8061/8065 bin file (reverse engineering) from Ford EECV ECU

I have under my disposal some Ford EECV bin files and my goal for the next few weeks is to retrieve the functions and tables, and plot them out before going onto DIY hardware. Does anyone know which ...
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Writing a Ghidra FileSystem Module for 8-bit era disk images in which files have no header, format, or magic bytes

I've given myself a project of writing Ghidra Loaders and FileSystems for an 8-bit retrocomputing platform, namely the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. But I'm new to Ghidra, Java, and Eclipse. When developing ...
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Finding the h.264 stream in a bytestream

I have a bytestream that contains h.264 bytestream packets in it. How can I find it? Output from stream:!3llAnLaQ!pc1JPDpDOP6948F2x44LqeYm-p5CDnb91Da334rt4fY The first 13 bytes ...
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How can I create a radare2 type for a variable-length struct?

I'm trying to parse a binary file and it has a structure similar to this, struct foo { int64_t count_things; int64_t offset_to_thing[count]; int8_t bytes[]; int64_t other fields; } ...
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How do I reverse engineer a file uploading api?

The API is pretty old and is written in C#, I tried debugging the API calls with mitmproxy. This is the successful API call (manually uploading file) but when I tried curling it, it gave me this error ...
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What type of file has the file signature 'BOOT'?

I have a .bin file which I am trying to disassemble into something that I can edit. Given that binary files can contain just about any binary data, I found it difficult to assess what file data is ...
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.NET manifest resource format

Currently I'm writing a parser for .NET files and stuck on manifest resources. My main resources: Huge documentation Short summary For resource format I have found this project made in 2005, all ...
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reverse engineer BE126 boot-loader

I am trying to reverse engineer the firmware upgrading process of BE126 wifi repeater which has a MIPS CPU. I couldn't find a firmware upgrade image in the manufacturer site. I have the toolchain ...
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Converting Duden dictionaries for Stardict/Goldendict

I’ve a bunch of first-class German dictionaries by Duden (the main German dictionary publisher) which, sadly, use a closed proprietary data format and their dedicated Duden-Bibliothek application (...
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Change Mac address

I have read the NAND memory MT29F2G08ABAEAWP contents via the RT809F programmer from IP Camera, when I have written the program (.bin) to the new NAND memory the Mac address and serial number of ...
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Help determine 3d model vertex structure serialized binary

Help determine 3D model vertex structure serialized binary. Example of single vertex: A3 D0 5D BA C9 27 3F 3A DC 6C 87 3B 2B 75 EE 00 FF FF FF FF 92 2F 29 80 B1 19 64 3F 02 82 1D 3F What I got so far:...
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Hello Watch 3+ smart watch firmware extracting

I have a firmware file of Hello Watch 3+ smart watch. I want to customize this firmware. I tried binwalk but no result. I am trying reverse engineering for the first time. Can you help me? File link: ...
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Why would unreadable data recovered from a drive be non-recoverable?

I ran Disk Drill on a drive that was a member in a failed software RAID mirror on macOS. The drive seemed to be fine, but was showing up as "uninitialised", so the drive didn't fail as such ...
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How to Find Password/ Bypass Password in a Switch Statement using IDA

I'm new to reverse engineering, wondering how access or bypass the password contained in the switch statement ? File Link
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Change androidmanifest.xml file within apk

I am able to unpack an android apk file with apktool, but when I am repacking the apk file using apktool, it just crashes with errors, and ibotpeaches seems not patching those errors for years. Now ...
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