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Questions tagged [benign]

Benign samples are those samples which are not malicious, and carry no harmful behaviors or characteristics. In relation to reverse engineering, benign is often used as the opposite of malicious.

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5 votes
3 answers

Where can I find benign samples with a high potential to false positive?

In the pursuit and development of malware detection algorithms, often a big sample set of both malicious and benign samples is required. Both machine learning or similar automated techniques, as well ...
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2 answers

Can benign applications have such APIs?

I am new to malware analysis .. and I was analyzing some 'windows' apps and found functions that I thought it exist only on malware, is this possible or there is something wrong with my analysis ? I ...
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Benign Portable Executables [closed]

. Hello, everybody! For my scientific work I need big amount of benign PE-files(dll, exe, scr, com). An amount of 500-600 files would be great. While there are plenty of websites where you can ...
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