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The use of executable programs or scripts to achieve well-defined sequences of operations without human interaction.

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Automating a custom QGraphicsObject control in an external QT based process

I have injected a DLL into an external application that is based on the QT framework. I, then, use the method QApplication::allWidgets() and iterate through the list of widgets to find a QGraphicsView ...
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Retrieve all parameters of specific function: How to automate

I'm trying to reverse engineer.NET binary with dnspy. I have a decryption routine that is used to display useful strings. It takes one integer value as a parameter and uses it in the decryption ...
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Is there a way to see 'imports' in a .NET binary?

Programs such as Detect It Easy or IDA can show functions and libraries (DLLs) imported by a binary in the case of C/C++ binaries. I have a collection of .NET malware that I'm analyzing and would like ...
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