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Extracting Audio from a Game

Does anyone know a way which audio can be extracted from PCB boards such as this? This is what I captured a long time ago from a game from 1998 called Brain Shift, and based on what I asked so far, ...
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How to find audio loop data in Unity files?

I'm trying to extract audio assets from a Unity game. I can extract the .wav files with AssetStudio, but what I can't figure out is how to find the loop data. When I play the audio in AssetStudio's ...
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Audio problem rushing?

After using a new Pc for some time, suddendly a problem with the Audio occured. While listening music with Headphones, some rushing noise appeared. I tried to narrow down the problem : Checking the ...
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Cannot find audio file type

I'm trying to find the audio file type of this file (extension wtj) around 8 minutes). I extracted it from a music box. I've tried many things: Open in Winamp and VLC => no luck Open with ...
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