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A US based company founded in 1984 which manufactures semiconductors. Their major products are AVRs, flash memories, Wi-Fi devices, EEPROM memories, FPGAs, ...

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Chip identification

Can someone help me identify this chip. I think it is an Atmel EEPROM but which model?
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I am translating some assembly code into C

I am translating some assembly code into C, and I need some help with a part of it: .equ UBRR_val = 12 ;UBRR sets baud, 12 = 19200baud at 4 MHz .def char = r17 ; Register to hold a character ...
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How to dump firmware from ATWINC1510

I got a ATWINC-1510 based device in front of me where I want to dump the firmware / flash contents from into a bin file. I know that the IC offers an SPI interface through the pins described in the ...
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Breaking in and debugging an unknown Arduino program

Okay, so I've got an Arduino which has a sketch flashed to it (that I do not have source code for) which I'd like to reverse-engineer, and I've successfully dumped the flash and disassembled part of ...
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