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Questions tagged [ast]

Abstract Syntax Trees are used to model source code on a higher level of abstraction.

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How to traverse the GCC AST nodes?

I have looked into AST representations here and I would like to know how I can programmatically access this tree/traverse the nodes of my source.c file? ...
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idapython cfunc_t.treeitems always empty

I am using the hexray api to get all the items of the AST tree (the ctree) obtained by decompiling a function. Unfortunately, the treeitems vector is always empty. Specifically, the function paaaa in ...
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8 votes
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How do you optimise AST's or convert them to a real language

I have been interested in automatic vulnerability assessment and decompilation of code for a while now. And as a result I have been building parsers in Python that reads a bin, disassembles it ...
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Should I keep parenthesis information while source modeling?

I'm developing an AST model for a source code reverse engineering platform. My question is, should I keep parenthesis data in my AST? Because I have everything in a tree, I already know which ...
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