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How to disassemble SPC572L assembler code?

I have a binary file with code for the SPC572L64 processor from ST. The Datasheet can be downloaded here and the Programmers Manual here. All documents for this processor are listed here. The ...
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1 answer

frida hook `loc_*` or `sub_*`

Is it possible to hook a sub_... object in Frida ? I disassembled an arm64 executable, when running the app on my iPhone, I can see a lot of classes also in the disassembled executable, but I can't ...
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RISC-V assembler with strong Python support?

I'm using the Capstone disassembler for decoding a RISC-V ELF binary but need the ability to reassemble modifications that I'm making to it programmatically to accomplish a reverse-engineering goal. ...
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