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Reverse Engineering API's of Browser games

I like the idea of Reverse Engineering API's and creating bots/scripts for Browser games. However, I am a beginner in the Computer Science field. I recently started my Computer Science Degree and ...
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Accessing Windows 10 Feedback Hub Data

I'm trying to make a website that displays the feedback from the Windows 10 Feedback Hub but i have met a roadblock. I'm using Fiddler 4 (Fiddler Everywhere doesn't have support for UWP yet and ...
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How to deal with this frustrating case of JWT auth bearer + async token?

Here's the case: I'm analyzing an API and the way JWT was implemented seems to be anti-tampering. There's two components that must be there or there's an authentication error: Auth Bearer -> Stays ...
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Reversing Games like Manfred dis

I've looked at as many resources on Manfred and Manfred's work I've watched the DEFCON 25 Live talk about what he hacked. Here I've also looked, listened and read the dark net diaries Part One - ...
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How to use reverse engineering to replicate websocket request

how I can use reverse engineering technique to get known how websocket is working on website. What data my browser is sending to websocket so it reply with data. How I can replicate that process as ...
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How could I extract a certificate and private key out of a exe?

I’m trying to get API responses from a backend service to make a server emulator for a game called NBA 2k17, but I can't get to them cause they are encrypted so I need to impersonate the client to get ...
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There is a course in which they teach you to use WinAFL?

I would like to know if there is a course that begins in a basic way, such as how to use winAFL to find bugs in app desktop.
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APi mocking and redirecting target to localhost api

Suppose I have got an application which sends request (GET,POST) to Is it possible to simulate the api on localhost and redirect requests sent to to ...
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Windows User Identification / HWID Limiting

I've been playing a game that has an HWID limit and a bunch of other limitations, such as: a) Cannot be ran in a VM b) Cannot be ran using Sandboxie and other Sandbox environments c) Limits 3 ...
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