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Android is Google's Linux-based operating system for mobile devices. Initially developed by Android, Inc., Android is the world's most widely used smartphone platform.

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Can a debug-apk be reverse engineered to make it a release-apk?

I am making a system in which the users can create Android applications. I want them to give an option to download a debug apk so that they can try it out first. After that, they have to pay for it to ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How to break on an Android JNI function with IDA Pro Debugger

I have an android application that uses a shared library which I would like to step through with a debugger. I've had success using IDA 6.3 to debug executables with the android_server debug server ...
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Analyzing encrypted Android apps (.asec)?

I've been trying to reverse engineer a paid android app that writes out some binary data so that I can export that data into other programs (it's a run/walk timer app, if anyone's curious, and I'm ...
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3 answers

Dynamic java instrumentation?

This is not strictly 'reverse engineering', it's mostly related to dynamic instrumentation. So, in the same fashion as strace which allows you to see syscalls made by a process, or ftrace to see ...
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Fixing the checksum of a modified Android ELF

I've hex-edited a string in an Android ELF binary. Now, it won't run, and gives the error message CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE, presumably due to a bad checksum. Does anybody have a tool to fix the ...
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Decompiling Android application

The Android java code is compiled into Dalvik byte code, which is quite readable. I wonder, is it possible in theory and in practice to write a decompilation software for Dalvik byte code?
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